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Case Study - HealthFirst TPA

HealthFirst, a third party healthcare administrator headquartered in Tyler, Texas, called on cue:creative to formulate a new identity that would first stand out from the crowd and then solidly illustrate to potential clients what it means to work with HealthFirst. After going through our process, inclusive of reviewing the competition’s marketing messages and gaining a full understanding of HealthFirst’s role, we discovered the most marketable benefit HealthFirst offers – they stop the draining cost of searching for and managing employee healthcare.

We created a new website and a full set of collateral materials, including a presentation folder, brochure, and a dozen insert sheets highlighting specific services offered by HealthFirst. Additionally, we crafted a direct mail piece consisting of a box, inset with an actual drain, with three $1 bills folded into it – an unexpectedly creative means of communicating for a healthcare administration firm.

The outcome?

HealthFirst now has a personality that stands out. The direct mail campaign achieved a response of near 100%, and the website continues to elicit interest from companies near and far. And now, when the calls come in, HealthFirst has a cohesive set of materials to convey their personality and capabilities to potential clients.

View all elements of the campaign in our portfolio.