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Case Study - Kelly Community Federal Credit Union

Kelly Community Federal Credit Union, local to Tyler/East Texas, came to cue:creative set on targeting an audience of 20-30 year olds. Our creative process uncovered that most banks skew toward an old fashioned or heritage-focused message in their marketing. To reach a younger demographic, we carved out a message relaying the exact opposite: “Unbank East Texas.” The theme utilized an easygoing spokesperson personality in television and print advertising, driving home the idea that Kelly is not a part of the old-guard banker’s world.

The casual approach in TV allowed the young demographic to tune in long enough to be educated about the difference between banks and credit unions, for instance, the fact that credit unions return profits to their members. Additional TV spots and print ads communicate further the benefits of “unbanking” with Kelly and use interactive graphics as one more high tech hook for the younger crowd.

The outcome?

The campaign has effectively raised awareness among the targeted group, especially college students, as several ads were pointedly aimed at this crowd and circulated on the area’s college campuses. The standout and unstuffy personality created for Kelly has educated and piqued the interest of a larger market. Kelly has seen an increase in enquiries from the general banking public – individuals intrigued by the credit union model and the idea of “unbanking.”

View all elements of the campaign in our portfolio.