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Wherever you land on the iconography model, the goal is to move you to the middle, toward icon status,
better known as the place where everyone talks about how fabulous you are.

This doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not easy. But, once we know where you are and whom we’re talking to, we can evaluate which direction to move in, and we can look beyond demographics and delve into the psychographics of the target market -- information that equips us to craft the perfect creative concoction that will appeal to your audience on a very deep level. It’s more than a message, it’s a personality, and it will click with the public in the same pleasing way as ice in a glass of 12-year-old Scotch.

And we don’t stop there. Our communication solutions are holistic and encompass everything from media placement, to social media strategy, to stuffing drains with $1 bills.

Once you reach the middle and have achieved icon status, word of mouth, the most powerful of all advertising tools, takes over.

Let’s look at an example. When Harley’s for Men, the premier men’s clothing store in Tyler, came to us, they were focused on marketing the store itself. Once we plotted Harley’s on the iconography map, we knew that in order to move to icon status we needed to shift the marketing focus to selling the Harley’s style, in essence, the Harley’s group.

We accomplished this through a campaign entitled, “The New Gent.” All advertising incorporates the tagline, “It’s easy to spot a Harley’s Man” and photos of local men dressed in the designers Harley’s carries. Harley’s for Men is now synonymous with being a stylish, sophisticated and successful man.

That is the power of leveraging a personality and building an icon, versus leveraging a market position or relying on traditional, blend-in branding.